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for hotels

Special Features for Hotels

  • Market your restaurants, bars, amenities and services with a profile, photos, videos, map, special offers and more
  • View the history of overall bookings and purchases, review account status, and access reports.
  • Receive confirmations of bookings or purchases via text or email
  • Block times that are unavailable for bookings and reservations
  • Interact with guests through a message center
  • Distinguish and prioritize using color coded time sensitive actions
  • Set manual or automatic distribution of jobs and tasks to hotel staff
  • Track the time service was requested, when completed, and the staff involved
  • Set administrative permissions for different staff roles

Technical Specifications

We Provide:

  • Custom 9.7” tablet for every room
  • Desk stand with security system to ensure the tablet stays in the room
  • On-site server
  • Tablets for appropriate hotel departments to receive requests
  • Lobby kiosk so guests can print maps, coupons, boarding passes, and more

We Require:

  • Wi-Fi signal to every room
  • Internet connectivity

Our virtual concierge solution, At Your Service, is coming soon and will be available on in-room tablet devices, at digital kiosks, and via the Web.

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Tablet Solution

  • Local info and bookings available 24/7 with a touch of a button
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Secure tablet device with no access to other functions
  • Custom branding options available

Website Solution

  • 24/7 Web access to local info, services, and booking
  • Simple, interactive website with full mobile device support
  • Secure website to protect guest identity and information
  • Custom branding options available


  • Convenient hotel lobby access to local info, services, and booking
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Printing capabilities for maps, coupons, boarding passes, and more
  • Custom branding options available

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Activity Categories


  • Onsite restaurants or room service
  • Dining venues in the area
  • Available delivery or takeout


  • Master calendar of all available events and activities
  • Personal calendar of booked or free events


  • Flight tracking and check-in
  • Taxis
  • Hired cars and drivers

Island Buzz

  • Island music – overview of regional music, promotion of selected artists and their CDs
  • Island art – showcase of local talent
  • Island culture – information about the local culture

Tours, Attractions, Nightlife

  • Tours via land, water or air
  • Local attractions of interest
  • Events such as festivals, sports, demonstrations and more
  • Concerts, plays and nightclubs


  • Brands
  • Jewelry
  • T-shirts and souvenirs
  • Liquor and tobacco
  • Electronics
  • Clothing and accessories
  • In Room Shopping

Additional Features and Functions

Information & Communication

  • Maps
  • News
  • Weather
  • Web browser
  • Information exchange among guests
  • Messaging with you, other guests and service providers at each guest’s discretion
  • Communication between you and guests via a message center
  • Text and email reminders of upcoming activities

Hotel Services & Information

  • Hotel map and overview, including onsite amenities
  • Restaurants and menus
  • Spa hours and menu
  • Timeshare opportunities
  • Housekeeping and turndown
  • Valet services
  • Room service
  • Engineering requests