• Paradise Point

    Look over downtown Charlotte Amalie at Paradise Point.

  • Turtle Cove

    Swim with turtles at Turtle Cove.

  • Lutheran Church

    Built in 1754, the second oldest Lutheran Church in the western hemisphere.

Why At Your Service?

Connect Anything combines over 20 years of experience in the Caribbean tourism industry with expertise in mobile and web technologies to deliver marketing and advertising solutions for businesses that cater to Caribbean travelers and tourists.

Through our many years of serving Caribbean travelers, we encountered countless people as they tried to navigate the myriad information sources and make informed decisions about local lodging, restaurants, shopping, and services. Many were eager for recommendations to avoid the hassle of having to research, plan, schedule, and book activities or services.

With a goal to simplify that sharing of information and recommendations and to improve the experiences of Caribbean travelers, we set out to develop technology solutions that would provide convenient benefits for tourists and the hotels and businesses that serve them.

The end result is an innovative approach and multi-platform virtual concierge services that we are continuously developing for in-room tablet solutions, the Web, and digital kiosks.

Our solutions, our distribution of tablet devices, and our unique business model are all designed to deliver benefits for travelers, hotels, and service providers alike.

Ultimately, we believe that these mutual benefits can help everyone involved in the Caribbean tourism industry to grow and thrive.